Seismic Retrofit Association Membership Program

SRA is the place where building owners and managers can find a structural engineer capable of drawing cost-effective and structurally effective commercial seismic retrofit plans.

Membership in the association allows structural engineers experienced in commercial seismic retrofits to promote their knowledge and experience, gaining the opportunity to acquire new projects.

This association does not conflict with the Structural Engineer’s Association (SEA), but rather is a complementary organization that serves as a marketing forum for qualified seismic retrofit structural engineers.

Benefits of SRA Membership:

  • Free advertising to a targeted audience of building owners and managers interested in seismic retrofitting

  • Access to a forum of other engineers performing similar work to share lessons learned, ask questions, and give advice

  • Ability to submit case studies to the Case Study page, which promotes visibility on the website

The membership requires:

  • Submission of three sets of plans you drew on past commercial seismic retrofit projects

  • A 10-20 minute phone interview to answer questions regarding the plans, as well as other past work

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There are two levels of membership.

Individual Engineer Membership
An individual engineer may become a member for free.

Benefits of Individual Membership

  • Be listed on the website as an SRA member for referrals.

  • Have access to the online message board to discuss seismic retrofits, projects, and download white papers.

  • Have access to the message board for engineers only to discuss problems and solutions to retrofits so that questions can be asked in private. Learn more.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is for non-engineering companies such as earthquake insurance companies, lenders, and other services that give building owners a good ROI for products and services rendered. If you are interested in applying for this membership, please send an email to info@seismicassociation.org

Benefits of Affiliate Membership

  • You can place your company logo on the SRA website as a partner, which will be viewed by building owners, property managers, and engineers.

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